Mysteries of A. afarensis

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In honor of Lucy’s move to Seattle, Alan Boyle has a piece at “Cosmic Log” about Lucy and A. afarensis</a:>. It has a lot of questions and few answers, but may be interesting for students. And there’s this passage involving Anna Behrensmeyer:

Even Johanson has said the First Family is as deserving of fame as Lucy. According to South African reports, he's trying to nail down the evidence for the cause of death by consulting with an expert on prehistoric predators.
In the past, investigators have suggested that the entire troop of hominids might have died in a flash flood, or were done in by a bout of food poisoning. But Behrensmeyer said the current prevailing theory is that they were the victims of a "surplus killing" by blood-crazed predators. "This is documented as a natural phenomenon," she said.