Beneath the Bigfoot hoax

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Newsweek is running a long story with the details behind the latest Bigfoot hoax:

[Las Vegas promoter Tom] Biscardi says he and his backers shelled out $50,000 for the body, only to discover days later thatshock!it was nothing but a costume stuffed with animal parts: ham bones, intestines, eyes, teeth, an entire pig and, it would seem, some possum. "We're still pulling things out of it," says Bob Schmalzbach, one of Biscardi's associates who went to Georgia the day before the press conference to deliver $50,000 in cash to Whitton and Dyer. He said he thought what he saw in the block of ice was the real deal. "I could see a silhouette. I chipped the ice down to teeth and eyeballs, and thought, "This is a real animal here." So Schmalzbach handed over the money and hauled away the enormous Sasquatch-sicle in a trailer while toasting his fellow Bigfoot hunters. "We were sure we'd solved the mystery."

It’s an interesting story with many of the characters involved in Sasquatchiana, along with the incredible public interest and internet traffic involved.