Catholicism and science

An interesting article from Discover about Catholicism, faith, and science includes an exchange between Richard Dawkins and former Vatican Observatory chief Fr. George Coyne:

I did not tell Richard Dawkins that there was no reason to believe in God, says Coyne, who counts Dawkins a friend. I said reasons are not adequate. Faith is not irrational, it is arational; it goes beyond reason. It doesnt contradict reason. So my take is precisely that faith, to me, is a gift from God. I didnt reason to it, I didnt merit it -- it was given to me as a gift through my family and my teachers.... My science helps to enrich that gift from God, because I see in his creation what a marvelous and loving god he is. For instance, by making the universe an evolutionary universe -- he didnt make it a ready-made, like a washing machine or a car -- he made it a universe that has in it a participation of creativity. Dawkinss real question to me should be, How come you have the gift of faith and I dont? And thats an embarrassment for me. The only thing I can say is that either you have it and dont know it, or God works with each of us differently, and God does not deny that gift to anybody. I firmly believe that.