Quote: High Priests of Anthropology

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Reading through the introduction to Archaeology and Language, by Roger Blench and Matthew Spriggs (1998), I thought this quote was great:

All the lights in the House of the High Priests of American Anthropology are out, all the doors and windows are shut and securely fastened (they do not sleep with their windows open for fear that a new idea might fly in); we have rung the bell of Reason, we have banged on the door with Logic, we have thrown the gravel of evidence against their windows; but the only sign of life in the house is an occasional snore of dogma.

The source of the quote is Men out of Asia, by Harold Sterling Gladwin (1947, McGraw-Hill), a book which posited a trans-Pacific invasion of the New World in 300 BC by the remnants of Alexander the Great’s fleet.