Fun with Hawass quotes

The Guardian writes about the amazing comeback of Zahi Hawass (“Egypt’s man from the past who insists he has a future”). Whether it’s a comeback or just an unusually slow slide into prison is not yet clear (Hawass was sentenced to “a year hard labor” last month, but the sentence is not being carried out, yet). Whichever, the story is certainly interesting.

These quotes from the story contradicted each other in a revealingly humorous way:

"This is one of the most significant episodes in Egypt's history," says Hawass, who resigned his cabinet position three weeks after Mubarak's downfall, only to be reappointed a month later. "For the past 5,000 years we have been ruled by pharaohs, and on January 25 [the day the revolution erupted] we finally broke that chain."


"We have always needed a strongman; without one you have chaos. Look at what's happening at the moment. Times are troubled but I'm optimistic that the unpleasantness will end and success is around the corner." Whether he is referring to Egypt or himself is not clear.