Paisley Caves Jenkins interview

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On Monday’s “NewsHour”, PBS ran an interview with archaeologist Dennis Jenkins, who worked on the Paisley Caves human-DNA-containing scat.

DENNIS JENKINS: We were looking and hoping, of course, to find spear points, evidence of their technology. Instead, what we found was the perfect human signature, their coprolites. It was, if you will, the perfect artifact.
LEE HOCHBERG: Coprolites are an archeology term for fossilized feces. Jenkins says they're from humans, and they're more than 14,000 years old.
DENNIS JENKINS: So this was the evidence we had dug all summer to get to.

There’s some critical discussion of the find, also; seems like a nice story.

There was also a History Channel show entirely devoted to scat the other night. It was a pretty good show, considering… There was lots of woolly mammoth poop. And it’s being rebroadcast this Saturday (7/5)