Neandertal anti-defamation files, 8

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OK, at ScienceOnline2011 I did a little bit of talking about Neandertals represented in art. So this entry in the NAD files truly pains me.

You see, Britney Spears Watcher picked up</a> that story from last year about how digit ratios predict that Neandertals were oversexed.

Neanderthals may be lampooned as slack-jawed low-brows who could just about wield a heavy club on a good day, but in one important respect they outperformed us: in the number of sex partners.

Well, yes, it is a delicious irony for a blog devoted to Britney Spears to refer to anyone as a “slack-jawed low-brow” with too many sex partners. But that’s not what had me concerned. No, it was the accompanying picture:

Neandertal Ken Bump

Dude! They didn’t even give him a Ken Bump.

I mean, really – I know that Britney Spears fans are always looking for quality family-friendly material, but this is just rude. Plus, I think it’s sort of obviously one of those times like when they put Oprah’s head on Ann-Margret’s body.

UPDATE (2011-01-20): Gretchen says it’s a Neandertal merkin.

And that, my friends, is Google gold.