Mitochondrial catchphrases

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I love the first day of the month, because my web stats update at 3:00 am, giving me a more or less random midnight slice of my visitors. Over a longer time, the pages and search terms sort themselves into a predictable pecking-order of traffic. But in those three early morning hours, quirky cool readers rise to the top.

Monday morning, someone found me by searching for “john hawks chimpanzee driver”.

That is beyond awesome. “Get along, little chimpies!” I’m driving them to the rail spur at Abilene, and I’ll slake my thirst with rotgut whisky.

It’s actually quite sensible, as several stories about chimpanzee attacks involve taxi drivers. Go figure.

Now, as to the reader trying to find some “mitochondrial catchphrases”….well, I have only one thing to say:

“Free the ATP 38!”