Genomes unzipped, unzipped

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Genomes Unzipped, has finally unzipped:

From today, well be making all of our raw genetic data and the reports generated from these tests freely available online. As the project proceeds, we aim to obtain data from an ever larger array of tests ultimately extending to whole-genome sequencing and release it openly. Right now you can freely download the 23andMe data from everyone in the project from this website.

It’s a great project, putting personal stories and reactions together with a scientific view on genotype data. It’s also the perfect topic for a blog – just the right amount of navel-gazing. It’s worth doing just to make you figure out how to use the browser software.

What I wonder is, how much will personal genomics be like nude beaches? I mean, it’s been a long time since the first nude beaches, but most people don’t take advantage of the opportunity. Clearly, there’s variation in different countries! But most people neither feel compelled to see others’ data nor feel comfortable sharing their own.

Well, they used the word unzipped, not me!