New York is considering a plan “to eliminate 170,000 wild Canada geese”:

He said that politicians peppered officials from the Department of Agriculture with questions about the science and asked how many goose strikes had occurred and the danger they posed. They learned that there have been 78 Canada goose strikes over 10 years in New York, and that those strikes caused more than $2.2 million in aircraft damage.

They’re talking about rounding them up, gassing them, and burying the bodies. Which seems like a terrible waste.

Deer are a much larger threat to safety than geese, and much of the country is overpopulated to the tune of millions. The meat from wild animals is much healthier, and would be especially valuable for people who otherwise are relying on highly processed fat and carbohydrate rich foods. Can’t somebody find a way for Jamie Oliver to make these animals into school lunches?