Measuring stature and proportions

less than 1 minute read

At this station, you’ll be taking some measurements of your body. This is a graded exercise, but we expect that you’ll have no problem getting all the points for this one!

  • The computer station has a spreadsheet to enter your measurements. You'll be using a stature board to measure your full height.
  • We're also interested in your parents' heights because the lecture will use the class statistics to illustrate concepts of inheritance. If you know the heights of your biological parents, we'd like you to fill them in the form. Participation in this part of the exercise is voluntary, and if you don't know your parents' heights or don't want us to know them, feel free to leave those blank.
  • You'll take some measurements of your feet, which you'll compare to your footprints at the next station. Fill in the length and breadth of your foot, and your shoe size. We'll be looking at the correlations between these measurements and stature.