Anthropological theory and ethnography summer course

I am going to be offering a summer course this year that is outside my ordinary teaching rotation, Anthropology 300, “Cultural Anthropology: Theory and Ethnography”. This is a survey of the history of anthropological theory. As a biological anthropologist, I have a distinctive perspective on this subject, which reflects my continued engagement with the history of anthropology and my exceptional training as a four-field anthropologist. I’m really excited to be able to offer this course to students here at UW!

If you’re in the southern Wisconsin area early this summer, I encourage you to look into this course, either as a student or guest auditor. The course is offered in the 3-week Early Session, from May 29 to June 17. This is a great schedule for students who are taking other summer classes, because it is finished before the regular 8-week session starts on June 18.

I will be building a unique set of resources, including interviews, topical modules, and website devoted to the material. All this will be open access and free, so even if you’re not in the area, I still encourage you to follow along with the course.

I guarantee that this will be the most highly-focused and thought-provoking survey of anthropological theory - a boot camp in the history of ideas about culture and human nature. I can’t wait to start!