Principles of Biological Anthropology

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Welcome to the homepage for Anthropology 105, Principles of Biological Anthropology!

Here you’ll find all the readings, links and essential materials for the course. This homepage is a relatively simple outline of the course requirements and information from the syllabus, with a schedule of lectures linked to readings and visuals as they become available.

As usual, this page is a work in progress. I am actively writing new material and adding it to this page all the time. Some of the lectures and lab exercises will be moved around, so keep checking back a week or two before classes to keep up to date on the new materials.

If you’re visiting from outside the UW classroom, welcome! All of the materials here are free for you to read and use in your classes.


Class policies

  • The course has no textbook. Readings for each session are directly linked from here.
  • Free readings do come with a cost: They are continually being compiled and revised as the semester proceeds. The readings are highly tailored to the time in the semester when you will need them.
  • Youll complete a short quiz in lecture sometime every week. Every quiz will be worth five points. 15 weeks. 75 points.
  • The laboratory sections have inquiry-based laboratory exercises worth a total of 30 points.
  • That makes 105 points altogether. Consider those 5 points above 100 as extra credit, if you like.
  • If you are sick, please do not come to class. You may make up two quizzes. Contact your TA to arrange a makeup during her office hours.
  • If you want an A, youll need to earn 93 points. 88 will earn you an AB. For a B, youll need 83 points. 78 will earn you a BC. 70 will earn a C, and 60 is a passing grade. In this class, you earn the points. We want to help you earn them!
  • Skipping class is a really bad idea. Reading before every class will help you earn more points.
  • The lab materials in this course are unique and irreplaceable, including human skeletal remains. Treat them with dignity and respect.